Iglesia Bautista Central

Pastor Timoteo Green pastors our Spanish church Iglesia Bautista Central. They meet in the cafeteria in the middle building on Sunday mornings and upstairs in the art room (above the cafeteria) in the middle building on Wednesdays. Throughout the year, we will be able to see our Spanish church members baptized and added to the church. Also, once a year we have a combined bilingual service up in the main auditorium.

Horario y Actividades
Escuela Dominical…………9:30 AM
Servicio de Adoración……10:45 AM

Servicio de Oración……….7:00 PM

Si necesita transportación llame al siguiente número (901) 881-4263.

Iglesia Bautista Central
5470 Raleigh LaGrange Road
Memphis, TN 38134
(901) 486-3392